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March 05 2015

Online volunteering

virtual volunteering

Ever felt distressed by the deteriorating conditions of people over the planet, especially in developing countries, and desired to do something about it? Ever felt constrained by occupation, your location and duties to do societal good in these countries? In exactly the same time, irresolute to just contribute money due to unaccountability?

I have across many people who are facing the similar predicament. World wide, there are approximately 140 million volunteers (State of the World's Volunteerism Report 2011) who are actively working towards societal good, yet there are many more like you who are interested in giving socially but lack workable volunteer platform which may satisfy their constraints and demands. We conducted a small research to know this happening - though 72% of young urban professionals desire to do good, actionable measures were taken by only 12% towards it. So ultimately they end up not having the capacity to contribute to the cause closest to their heart.
online volunteering india
Merely to give an outlook: In India there are more than 2 million NGOs, essentially 1 NGO per 600 people, yet the magnitude of developmental challenges is still pretty high. Our research suggests that nearly all of these NGOs lack networks and professional abilities like fundraising (~55%), sales & advertising (~45%), strategy preparation (~35%), grassroots-level strategy etc. required to remain effective. As a result, we find that these NGOs cannot effectively serve their markets as well as their social metrics are sub-ideal. Predicated on our work (LINK TO WEBSITE) with over 150 NGOs within the previous 2,5 years, we have seen that NGOs face two significant issues:

1. Organizational efficiency: Skills and services demanded by NGOs to efficiently and effectively handle their organization. For ex advocacy, fundraising, finance etc.

2. Grassroots-degree impact: These NGOs cannot satisfy their impact goals and therefore are consistently looking for capacity construction techniques to boost their impact.

These problems are experienced by NGOs - irrespective of the development stage, cause, location or accessibility to resources.

These findings encouraged us to setup, and made me and my buddies realize that there's a definite gap between the demand and supply of professional pro bono services to NGOs an online ability-based volunteering platform, Doing Great Fellows. NGOs in India or Kenya post their live demands onto our online impact-creation platform and professionals can bid for those jobs and contribute their abilities and networks to support NGOs in social impact.

One major learning for us has been that professionals give you the very best support to NGOs not by location established, weekend volunteering but by contributing their useful core abilities.

So the next time you think of world issues and tips on how to bring, just go on the internet and volunteer your own time plus skills. You can produce a difference in the lives of people around the planet, actually from your desk!

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